Smuggling two packs of sugar a day is better than college students! Domestic sugar prices complained, the Ministry of Commerce to

Smuggling two packs of sugar a day is better than college students - price of sugar


The foreign price of a LV bag may be only half of that in the country, and it is two times more expensive to eat one kilogram of pork at home than in foreign countries…… Due to factors such as country of origin, natural endowments, import tariffs and so on, many commodities are widely distributed at home and abroad, and provide a hotbed of profit driving for smuggling crimes.

The long border between China and Vietnam is a rampant crime of smuggling, and the types of contraband are also full of tricks. With this year’s domestic sugar prices continue to rise, “sugar” has become a good business.

Smuggling two packs of sweets a day is better than college students

After four years of continuous decline in prices after the end of last year, domestic sugar prices began to fluctuate period.

June 12, 2017, the domestic commodity futures market, the main contract 1709 sugar 6609 yuan / ton, close to record highs, compared with 2014 about 4000 yuan / ton low, or more than 50%.

After soaring domestic prices and foreign spreads more sugar.

As of May 4th, Thailand 2016/17 crop pressing work all over, which means that a large number of sugar production will be listed. As the main producer of sugar in the world, most sugar cane produced in Thailand is used for export, only 1/3 for domestic consumption.

According to the Thailand Department of agriculture data, April 2017, Thailand sugar export price of 444.4 U.S. dollars / ton, sugar export price of 521.2 U.S. dollars / ton. Sugar export price equivalent to about 3540 yuan / ton, compared to the same period in the country, the white sugar futures price cheaper than 3000 yuan / ton.

Under the high profit, the temptation of white sugar is self-evident

Recently, the third party social investigation agency released the “2017 China Mycos employment report” shows that 2016 university graduates average monthly income of 3988 yuan, far higher than urban residents in 2016 2801 yuan monthly disposable income.

For this data, reporters in the second tier cities e company was rejected at first. Because of the situation around friends, 35 months after work, the monthly salary is not, this amount is not in the minority.

However, divergent thinking, if college students a month’s salary, and only 1.3 tons of domestic and foreign sugar difference, there is nothing unacceptable.

A simple calculation, in accordance with the current price of sugar in Vietnam, smuggling 1.3 tons of sugar is about 4000 yuan profit. According to an average load of 20 kg backpack can be calculated, one person every day for about two months to complete the cross-border smuggling of sugar pack 1.3 tons of the amount of income, easily surpass the college students.

Despise the smuggling of white sugar? Worth hundreds of million

Of course, ignoring the intermediate links, packaging costs and other factors, the mere use of differential profit is not scientific. But over the years, white sugar smuggling has been a lucrative business on the border of Myanmar, Thailand and china.

August 2016, that is, media reports, Anhui police in Xuancheng detected a huge transnational manufacturing and selling fake brand sugar case, involving the value of up to 130 million yuan.

According to reports, sources of smuggling “Lao Li” to borrow the China Burma border complex terrain, in Burma, India, Thailand and other places to acquire large quantities of sugar, sugar factories making and packing bags. To facilitate smuggling into the country, he also built large warehouses in the border area to store sugar.

“Lao Li” is not an isolated case. Every once in a while, entrenched in the local manufacturers in the border river on makeshift pontoon or open up in the mountain path, giving a little petty border residents, so that they will be sugar mixed in other things, through the “ants” in the form of smuggling to domestic sales.

“Lao Li” only through a mobile phone with APP software to contact the intermediary truck transport drivers, truck drivers know until the license plate number and mobile phone number owner from software, sent directly to the person handling the on-line business counterfeiting below, delivery by the managers and the truck driver contact.

Since then, the estimated freight car almost past the Yunnan provincial security check, “Lao Li” will send the truck information to their dealers below, dealers and truck drivers directly contact delivery. When the business has been completed, the dealer will remit the money to the account designated by Lao Li, and Lao Li will also notify his son to remit the money to the overseas account of the manufacturer.

Nowadays, there are few people in the money making business.

E, the reporter only in the Baidu search for “sugar smuggling”, you can see “I need a lot of white sugar, smuggling?” Help post. “Thailand level, understand.”.” “There is a need for white sugar bags” and so on, the relevant reply more than 50, leaving the phone to WeChat contact business.

After the relevant personnel of Ministry of agriculture China has announced that as many as 1 million tons of sugar was smuggled into China every year. The economic research center of the Ministry of agriculture researcher Xu Snow said, domestic sugar prices are the main factors causing the spread of smuggling.

She said that China’s sugar production will reach 11 million tons in ten years, the same period the demand for sugar will reach 18 million 500 thousand tons, when China’s sugar imports will reach 6 million tons. There is a continuing gap between demand and output, but we hope to narrow the gap between supply and demand over the next ten years by increasing our storage capacity.

Domestic sugar imports by the impact of obvious

In addition to the price gap, China’s demand for sugar does not match the output, which is also one of the reasons for rampant smuggling.

In accordance with the commitments made by the WTO accession, China’s annual import tariff quota for sugar imports amounted to 1 million 945 thousand tons. Public data show that from 2013 to 2016, China imported sugar content between 3 million 62 thousand tons to 4 million 850 thousand tons, far exceeding the total tariff quota of 1 million 945 thousand tons. The proportion of sugar imports to China’s total sugar output rose from 27.37% in 2011 to 47.22% in 2015.

Although in 2011 the domestic sugar prices fell sharply, but the decline in the international price of sugar is more violent. In September 2014, for example, the domestic sugar price per ton after tax price is much higher than 100 yuan more than the import of raw sugar refining.

Foreign cheap sugar flows into China through various channels, which has harmed the interests of domestic sugar enterprises. It is reported that the Guangxi Sugar Association on behalf of the domestic sugar industry in July 2016 to the Ministry of Commerce submitted a survey of safeguards applications. The application that, from 2011 to 2016 the number of sugar imports increased sharply, the impact on the Chinese domestic industry, so that the domestic industry suffered serious damage, by the investigation on Safeguard Measures of the product to request the Ministry of commerce.

According to media reports, in May 22nd this year, the Ministry of Commerce issued the final survey results identified in the survey period surveyed imports increased, Chinese domestic sugar industry suffered serious damage, the causal relationship between the number of imported products and increase and serious damage.Ministry of Commerce announced on the 22, China decided from now on tariffs, quotas, imports of sugar, the imposition of protective measures tariffs, the implementation period of 3 years.

Prior to this, the domestic import of sugar tariff levied as a way, in 1 million 945 thousand tons per year limit of 15% of the tariff, the amount of the Levy of 50% tariff. According to the commerce department’s latest announcement, in addition to import sugar import tariff quotas, is imposed to safeguard duties, the implementation period of 3 years and the implementation measures during the gradual relaxation of the first year, the tax rate is 45%, second years at the rate of 40%, third years at the rate of 35%. That is the first year tax rate for the original additional tax of 50%, plus the total rate of tariff protection measures 45% 95%.

In this regard, the International Market Research Institute of the Ministry of Commerce Deputy Director Bai Ming said that some countries have more than one hundred percent sugar tariffs, China’s sugar import taxes rose to 95%, is a reference to the international level, the more important is the need to consider the balance of supply and demand of the domestic market.