New Sugar Free Green, Price, Claims

New Sugar Free Green, Price, Claims - price of sugar


New Sugar Free Green – Sugar Free is one of the most popular sugar-substitutes for diabetics as well as the calorie conscious people. And now they have introduced new Sugar Free Green in Indian market. Sugar Free was previously available in two variants – Sugar Free Gold and Sugar Free Natura. New Sugar Free Gold is a zero calorie natural sweetener which is made from Stevia leaves. Stevia leaf is native to South America and is a popular natural sweetener. Mainly, powdered and liquid Stevia leaf extracts are used as sugar alternative. New Sugar Free Green is available in two different formats – powder concentrate and pellet and its suitable for everyone in the family, including kids.

New Sugar Free Green

Price of Sugar Free Green :

Rs.45/- for 40 pellets

Direction for use : It can be used for making variety of beverages and desserts

What Sugar Free Green claims

It is 100% Natural and is made from Stevia leaves. It’s the perfect natural sweetener for beverages and desserts that you can share with your family including kids.

  • It is 100% Natural
  • Made from Stevia leaves which has zero calories
  • It can be used for making variety of beverages and also desserts
  • Sugar Free Green is made for everyone in the family including kids

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The brand Sugar Free has been approved by USFDA, WHO and FSSAI. New Sugar Free Green is just perfect to enjoy guilt-free sugary sweetness. It is suitable for table-top applications as well as can also be used in tea, coffee, milk, fruit juices etc. The key ingredient of this Sugar Free Green is Stevia leaves which has many health and also medicinal properties.

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Stevia is actually 300 times sweeter than regular sugar with a minimal aftertaste, yet it is suitable for diabetics and health conscious people. Stevia leaf is zero calorie. Also it is a rich source of plant-derived phytochemical compounds that help control blood sugar, cholesterol as well as blood pressure. This noncaloric, natural sweetener doesn’t cause cavities as well as is heat-resistant enough for use in baking and cooking.