Decrease in prices of essential food items

Decrease in prices of essential food items - price of sugar


Rawalpindi: Unlike the previous years the prices of essential food items in the twin cities have witnessed gradual decrease since the start of this year in the open market like sugar, onion and pulses.

According to the official statistics, the price of sugar has been reduced by Rs8 and now stands at Rs55 per kilogramme (Kg) while ‘Daal Maash’ and ‘Daal Channa’ is available at Rs193 and Rs130 per kg respectively.

The statistics showed the price of onion has also been reduced by Rs5 and now available at Rs27 per kg but there are also many items whose prices have been increased in last six months in Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

“The price of one litre of milk has increased up to Rs82 while one kg of beef is available at Rs335. The mutton is being sold at Rs687 per kg and price of two and a half kg pack of ghee is Rs462,” the statistics said

The prices of tea witnessed a considerable increase as 200 gram of branded tea is now available at Rs203 with a increase of Rs45, adding “The price of potato has increased by Rs7 and now it is being sold at Rs38 per kg.”

But the markets sources presented a different picture and stated that whenever the shopkeepers find an ‘opportunity’ they increase the prices of the food items on their own for some days and then again reduce them after earning undue profit.