No Sale Of Sugar At Higher Than The Maximum Retail Price

Source: The Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA) has warned that strict action will be taken against those selling imported white sugar at higher prices than ceiling imposed by the government. The Special Commodity Levy on imported white sugar was increased by Rs. 10 on Monday (5) but authorities said the retail price of sugar would…

Council Hopeful National Budget Will Further Promote Interests of Consumers

by jet newspaper With the 2017-2018 National Budget announcement date nearing, the Council is hoping that the government will again consider the concerns of Fijian consumers in its budget priorities. We have seen from the past budget announcement that the Government always delivered a balanced budget where consumer needs were considered among st other priorities….

No retail price increase on Sugar

Source: As sugar importers have informed government that retail price of sugar has not been increased, any retail price increase will be illegal, the Finance Ministry said today. However, special commodity levy on imported sugar was increased by Rs.10 per kilogram from midnight June 6.

No sugar price hike in the market

Source: The Sugar Importers’ Association has in writing informed the Consumer Affairs Authority that the retail price of sugar in the market has not been increased parallel to the recent tax increase on sugar by Rs. 10.00 Accordingly, the Ministry of Finance emphasized that there will be no price hike in the market and…